Be a Trendsetter, Rather Than a Trend-Follower

We’ve all had the feeling – we get tired of the same old trends that seem to remain popular far beyond their expiration date. How do you create exciting, unique experiences for your guests without resorting to an overused theme or recreating an event from the past? And, how does our creative stand out when we’re all proposing the same ‘tried and true’ themes?

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Incorporate a local twist

Each destination brings with it its own unique culture, history, and style; these elements should be celebrated in the events you create. Use your destination as inspiration to recreate a run-of-the-mill theme. For example, the Garden Party can be a bit “been there, done that,” but in Arizona, we gave this theme a breath of life by incorporating the colors, textures, and flavors of the Southwest for a Sonoran Garden Party, complete with rustic farm tables, blooming cacti, and a create-your-own Sonoran sugar and salt scrub station.

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Chevron is starting to fade into the background, but it was all the rage for a few years! If you aren’t keen to hop on the train of whatever new trend sparks up, make that trend your own. Trade chevron for another funky geometric pattern for a modern look that breaks the mold.

Watch your competition

Trends became that way for a reason – they’re popular, and widely used. Keep an eye on your destination – from your supplier partners to your competition – to ensure that you’ve always got your finger on the pulse of what’s hot. Armed with that knowledge, you can enhance popular themes or experiences with your own style, or even go in a different direction to create trends that are all your own! Photo booths are popular at any event or any destination, but we’ve differentiated ourselves by offering a booth inside of a retro VW bus for a new twist on a standard activity, plus a built-in décor piece!

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Get social

In the modern age of event planning, we’ve got every resource at our fingertips, so we must make good use of them! Our office keeps an eye on social media, as well as industry publications, and even trends in advertising and marketing to ensure we’re among the first to know about what is new or trending in our destination. So go ahead and take an Insta-break, and you’ll find inspiration to stay ahead of the curve.

Stay true to you

Your favorite trends in your destination are your favorites for a reason – they work! Don’t forget that although you may have proposed an experience a dozen or more times, your client is looking at your recommendations with fresh eyes. If standard themes start to feel stale, have a quick brainstorming session with your team to add a new twist. By refreshing your offerings, you’ll have standard looks that always feel new and exciting – for both you and your client!

Staying on top of and ahead of trends can be tricky business – we never want to be the last to know about something, but we also don’t want to jump right on the bandwagon! By watching your destination, utilizing the ideas and culture that make it unique, and staying true to your creativity, you can ensure that you’re always ‘on trend’ without fitting the cookie-cutter mold of what’s trendy.

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