The Value of Face-to-Face Interaction

Imagine a country smaller than New Jersey that has a heart bigger than Texas. Imagine crisp, clean drinking water, straight from the tap. Imagine witnessing what living in a “Green and Clean” city is like, all the while enjoying the fruits of local chefs’ and winemakers’ labors. Imagine a charming Alpine paradise, tucked away in Central Europe that should be experienced by many. Those who attended the SITE Incentive Summit earlier this year know that I am talking about the beautiful country of Slovenia.

The SITE Incentive Summit is an educationally rich week of knowledge-sharing which helps to broaden the host country’s understanding of the incentive industry marketplace and to provide solutions and ideas for them to consider implementing. This is done through the educational forum where SITE International and SITE Foundation Board members, as well as community and industry leaders, come together in one place with a common goal: continue to set the benchmark for what the incentive industry can provide to our clients. I was pleased to witness an outstanding group of individuals that was Site Foundation in Sloveniawilling to learn and hungry for the knowledge that we were able to share during our time in Slovenia.

Our industry continues to evolve in many exciting and dynamic ways. We see new trends every year, and adapt to the ever-increasing global marketplace of the Internet Age. We develop new strategies and become ever-more connected to our phones and computers. While we adapt to the digital world, I find the face-to-face interactions of the SITE Conferences and Summits ultimately more rewarding due to the level of personal interaction with my industry peers.

We are a “people business” and I always feel reenergized after taking the time to meet with so many accomplished professionals during SITE and other industry events. While spending the day with the Conventa Young Leaders I saw a spark in their eyes, a hunger for knowledge, which I would not have otherwise been able to fully appreciate over a webinar or an email. What further inspired me was to see that same spark, the same voracity for education, found in industry professionals with years of experience under their belts. Those who find themselves in the incentive industry are passionate about their involvement with SITE, which is an excellent platform for professional growth, paired with an unparalleled dedication to the group motivational setting.

And, it is in this setting that I found myself in the enchanting capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, surrounded by enthusiastic leaders, gracious hosts, knowledgeable industry professionals, and welcoming peers. I was inspired by the knowledge I gained and grateful for the opportunity to come together at the Incentive Summit with so many great minds. One question we will continue to probe for generations to come: How do we leave our footprint on this rewarding industry that I have called home for nearly three decades? While I may not have the answer to that question, sometimes the journey to get the answer is just as rewarding as the answer itself.

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