What’s Your Vision?

Goal setting tips from from AlliedPRA, your National DMC partner.Now that we’ve hit the half year mark it is time to reassess our goals for the year and one way to do that is a Vision Board: a collection of images and words that symbolize your goals, dreams and visions of success of what you would like to achieve and accomplish. When we focus on our desired items or experiences they can quickly manifest with that concentration. Typically, a Vision Board is created on a 20″ x 30″ poster board or other fun and creative design board. Your chosen images are glued to the board to represent your goals and dreams for the coming year. We suggest that you pull pictures and words from magazines or print images you find on the Internet.

Focus on what YOU want. Studies have shown that we typically achieve at least 75% of our goals when we identify them, so DREAM BIG AND BELIEVE! Don’t worry about the mechanics of how you will achieve your goals just focus on what you want. Look for images and words that speak to you in a positive way. There’s no right or wrong way to create this Board, just make sure the concepts speak to you and you are clear on your intention of your selections. We all need to plant the seeds to our future so now is the time to do it! Find images and words of your dream job, a new or renovated home, gorgeous jewelry or even a boat that you have always dreamed of owning and place these on your Vision Board.

Be specific. For example, I wanted to meet Kenny Chesney so one year I put a photo of him on my board. I didn’t know how or where I was going to meet him, but dreamed of it becoming a reality. Well, July came around and I was invited to a Kenny Chesney concert in another part of the country and my dream was realized when I was invited to meet Kenny back stage! Absolute proof that dreams can and do come true!

Keep your Vision Board active. These boards are living projects full of your dreams. Keep it active by placing it somewhere you can look at every day. Mine is framed and hangs in front of my desk. I also place a framed picture of my Board in my home so I see it every day. It’s very important that it remain visible and active in your conscious and unconscious experiences. As your dreams are actualized, date it on the image on your Board. At the end of the year, review your vision board and circle the images that manifested, so over time you have an ongoing record of your fulfilled dreams!

By: Lynn Lee, Global Sales Director, AlliedPRA, Inc.

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