Young Leaders Making an Impact

In October of 2015, five months into my tenure with AlliedPRA, I was given the opportunity to co-chair the inaugural Young Leaders Committee, along with my fellow Headquarters coworker, Nina Cardillo. What an honor it has been. While we have only had two calls, I can feel the enthusiasm to grow within our firm in each member’s voice. The Young Leaders Committee gives our five Committee members the tools necessary to succeed. They already have the passion, drive, and dedication to a high level of performance. Nina and I just facilitate that raw talent along.

This leads me to the larger question of, “Who can be a Young Leader?” While the short answer I would love to give enthusiastically is “Anyone!” the reality is that so few of those new to the destination management arena, or even our firm itself, can possess the chameleon-like attitude of wearing multiple hats, while remaining calm under pressure. We need more of this. Nina and I, in turn, will do our part as Committee facilitators and HQ liaisons to provide that which is necessary to promote successful growth, a fruitful dialogue, and a lasting career with AlliedPRA. Each of our five Committee members, Allison Shebeck, Elizabeth Hansen, Kendall Wilson, Kelsey Linden, and Sarah Howard, have committed themselves to a full year tenure with the Young Leaders Committee. Nina and I will do our part to keep this year active, engaging, educational, and a space where members can get a full grasp of how integral every role in our firm truly is.

By still being considered so unseasoned to our fast-paced and ever-changing industry, Young Leaders are a social and industry paradox. More than once in our application process for our Committee, Nina and I heard the phrase, “How can one so young have accomplished so much?” We know better than to consider age a litmus test for success, but it does seem that the Committee members chosen used every opportunity in a way to advance their career, all while enhancing our firm in one way or another. Young Leaders take on more and more responsibility, they are those thought leaders that move the ball forward for our company. They are in the liminal space of the being called (oftentimes to their chagrin) a Millennial, while also working hand-in-hand with industry veterans who have decades of experience to lend. This Committee was founded as a way to provide a platform for those in our company who show a passion for what they do. The Young Leaders’ voices were calling and we listened. And I am so grateful that we did.

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